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#30wordsin30days continued

Day 8 #childhoodmemories The vision is short-lived, without too much detail. I am beside a fence, my back to the wall, literally as well as symbolically.  The fence travels along a boundary, delineating the school playground from the neighbours’ property. It is wooden; a series of unpainted planks standing sentry. It is smooth. You cannot climb it to look over. I am too small to scale it, even if the thought had occurred to me. I am about midway along the fence route, not quite centre but not near either end. There is a divide; back to the wall or looking towards it. I cannot recall if there is anyone beside me, or behind me – no one had my back – but there are people, children - for this is after all a primary school memory - in front of me. They are on the other side of the divide. All of them look at me. At the fore is Suzanne. Sometimes she is my best friend. I have more memories when she is not. This is one of them. Are we fighting? I think so. Not physically

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