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the Bringer of Happiness

 Time has flown since I last added to this blog, and we are still in the process of learning to live (and die) with COVID. My writing continues to grow and my second manuscript, once entitled The Invisible Woman , has now blossomed into ' the Bringer of Happiness .' The child of Jesus and Mary Magdalene is different from other people. She time travels forward into other people's bodies. Sara, whose Aramaic name means ‘the bringer of happiness’ needs to learn how to control her time travel to save a young Cathar girl, Sarah-Marie, from the 13 th  Century siege at Montsegur . By rescuing Sarah-Marie, Sara hopes to save the writings of Mary Magdalene. This, she believes is her destiny. My novels are grouped in a thematic series called Women Unveiled . Each novel can be read separately and are united by a distinctive feminine narrative of experiences within societal boundaries and transitions. The series blends Greek mythology, research and imagination in the telling of (almost

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