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Things are not as you think

It is May.

I last wrote here in January.

Needless to say The Invisible Woman has taken a back step as life swirls around, creating distractions, temptations, excuses and obligations. It looms on the periphery, which I acknowledge by cross referencing things I am learning or discovering. Questions remain alert and focused: is this part of Sara's journey? Would Sophia say that? Notes are saved on file on Mary's teachings. But I am no longer immersed. Which also means I am no longer writing.


The chaos of my process is becoming unfamiliar, so when I make notes, I generally do so out of context. I look forward for the day when I can reconnect with this growing endocept. But its time is not yet.

There is however, some space in which I have been able to return to my manuscript A New Day. 

I am in the process of my final re-edit. I am hopeful by the end of May I will have forwarded it to one or two publishers I believe may be interested in the work and genre.

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